Stair Workout for Rainy Days…

Hey everyone! I am back!

Today is a rainy day in my neck of the woods. For those of you that are like me and aren’t motivated enough to run in the rain, here is an indoor full-body workout that you can do on a set of stairs!

Beginners: 1x each round
Intermediate: 2x each round
Advanced: 3x each round

Round 1:

  • Run up
  • 15 Sumo squats at the top
  • Walk down
  • 15 Push ups

Round 2:

  • Sprint up
  • 15 Squat jumps
  • Walk down
  • 10 Tricep push ups

Round 3:

  • Quick feet run up (both feet touch each step)
  • 15 Crunches
  • Walk down
  • 10 Jumping jacks

Round 4:

  • Crab walks up
  • 15 Russian twists
  • Walk down
  • 10 Superman arch ups


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, compliments, please contact me on the contact page. Subscribe for more healthy living motivation, and go ahead and ‘Like’ away!



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