Running in the dark…

10_15NightRunBrittZoomedOut.jpegIt’s Fall and the days are getting darker. It’s time to break out your reflective gear and double check your running habits to make sure you are being as safe as possible. The following are four easy tips for nighttime running (and running in general).

Chose a well-lit route or provide your own lighting. Running on streets that have lamps is the safest way to go, even though these streets might be the busiest. There are also headlamps available that are meant for running. These can illuminate the path in front of you, and also clue in drivers that you are there.

Be visible. Safety vests and reflective strips are your friend. Don’t think you can get away with those tiny reflective spots on your favorite leggings. Be obnoxious with your reflective gear. Make yourself noticeable, especially at a driver’s eye level. Avoid wearing dark colors. Pair your light and neon colors with your reflective gear.

Stick to familiar routes. If you are wanting to try a new route, go ahead and try during the daylight. Nighttime running should be kept to familiar routes. I also recommend choosing a shorter route and running it multiple times. This way, you are closer to your destination in case something happens.

Run in silence (or near silence). Consider not listening to the music and enjoying the sounds of nature (and traffic). If you are one of those people that NEEDS to listen to music, consider turning the volume down so you can hear your surroundings.

Run towards traffic. No, I don’t mean go running straight at cars. I mean run on the left side of the street (assuming you are in a country that drives on the right side of the road 🙂 ) If you can see the cars coming, you can jump out of the way if need be. This way, cars won’t sneak up behind you. If you are wearing a headlamp, they will be able to see it better too!

Okay! Hope you have a great Fall! Get out and keep running! Just be safe about it!


Happy trails,



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