Staying healthy when going back to school…

Flu season is coming! Going back to school and spreading germs is inevitable. Whether you are a student or a parent of a student, Fall is a hard time of year to stay healthy. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ward off the diseases 🙂

Wash your hands. Do it early and do it often. Carry hand sanitizer around with you for when a sink isn’t available. Clean your hands before and after every meal, after using the rest room, when they’re visibly dirty, and every so often throughout the day. Make sure you are washing your hands long enough. You should be scrubbing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds each time.

Be careful with contact. Avoid sharing food or drinks with anyone even if they don’t seem sick. Some illnesses take months to show symptoms. If someone is visibly sick, find a polite way to avoid shaking their hands or getting in close contact with them.

Stay hydrated. Keeping your fluid balance up is essential for a proper immune system. It will help flush out toxins and keep your body fighting those germs non-stop throughout the day.

Exercise and stay active. Getting your blood moving and sweating out toxins will help fight off disease and keep you healthy.

Maintain a healthy diet. Vitamins and minerals in our diet will help give our bodies the energy they need to thrive. If you feel any symptoms coming on, load up on Vitamin C and Zinc immediately. However, you will want to space them out by a few hours as they counteract each other.

Sleep. Finally, get your sleep! A good night’s rest will help your body rejuvenate and be ready to fight off more germs. Schedules change a lot when going back to school. Make sure you are getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep (10-11 for elementary age children).

Stay home if you are sick. You may hate missing school or work, but in the long run you are doing everyone a favor by taking a few days off. Even if you have to work, find a way to work from home. Avoid spreading germs to your coworkers or classmates.


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