How to Make Fitness A Game…

I enjoy making everyday fitness fun. Being healthy and getting fit doesn’t have to mean that you have to go for a 3-mile run. I love getting fit, but even I hate going for a run on most days. If you have a deck of cards, a pair of dice, a coin…you can get fit!

What do I mean by that?

Use these items to determine your workout (if you end up dreading it in the middle you can always blame the dice as an excuse) p.s. but I promise that you will love yourself afterwards. That ALWAYS happens.

Okay…now what do I mean you can let your dice determine your workout. They aren’t psychic right? Dice can’t talk. This isn’t a Pixar movie. What I mean is that you can write out a workout and let the dice/coin/cards decide how many reps or which exercises to do.

Here’s how…



For the Dice Game,

  1. Simply create a list of exercises. My example is below.
  2. Roll the dice. You can decide what this means. I usually roll two and use the sum because that’s what I have lying around. You could use a multiplier if you want (ex. I will multiply every roll by three. So if I roll a 5 I will do 15 reps). I have my gymnasts usually just do two times whatever they roll. We go through the list multiple times if it is for a conditioning set.
  3. Repeat? Don’t think you did enough reps? Go ahead and repeat. Or try a new multiplier!

Here is an example list.

Lunges each leg
Triangle Push Ups
Calf Raises
Normal Push Ups
Russian Twists
Toe Raises
Wide arm push-ups
Toe taps
Sumo Squats
Tricep Dips
Superman lifts
Mountain Climbers
Wall sits
Jump Roping
Lemon Squeezers
Alternating V-Ups
Hip Ups

**You’ll notice that I added in some cardio at the end. If you want to make this a cross-training workout you can add these in as well.



Deck of Cards

This game is similar to the dice game in that you count numbers based off of what card you draw.

Pick 4 Activities that you really want to work on. Assign each activity to each of the four suits. If you want a full body workout, you can choose 1 arm, 1 core, 1 leg, and 1 cardio. You could also specialize on abs, or do an upper body workout and do 2 arms and 2 abs. It’s up to you!

Once you decide your four exercises, start picking cards. Each number represents the number of reps you will do. Face cards are worth 10 when I play and Ace is worth 1.

For example,

I chose

Spades-Push ups
Clubs- Sumo Squats
Hearts- Burpees (because heart has to mean cardio right J )
Diamonds- Lemon Squeezers (because abs have to be hard as diamonds)

My first Draw is a 5 of hearts, so I do 5 burpees. Then I draw another card. It’s the 7 of Diamonds. I do 7 lemon squeezers before moving onto the next card. Once you get through all of the cards (85 reps of each exercise) you can be done!



Flip a Coin

Flip a coin workouts leave it up to fate which exercises you do. All you need is a coin and some floor space.

  1. Decide what your choices will be.
  2. Flip a coin to see which exercise you will get to do
  3. Do this exercise and then flip again.


1st Flip
Heads:  100 Jumping Jacks
Tails: 15 Burpees

2nd Flip
Heads: 15 Sumo squats
Tails: 25 Calf Raises

3rd Flip
Heads: 50 Lemon Squeezers
Tails: 50 Crunches

4th Flip
Heads: 10 Pushups
Tails: 25 Tricep pushups

5th Flip
Heads: 60 Second Wall Sit
Tails: 30 Second Wall Sit

6th Flip
Heads: 60 Second Jog in place
Tails: Star Jumps

7th Flip
Heads: 50 Lunges Each leg
Tails: “Fire Hydrants” each leg.

8th Flip
Heads: 50 Russian Twists
Tails: 50 Toe Touches

9th Flip
Heads: 25 Triangle Push Ups
Tails: 25 Wide Arm Push Ups

10th Flip
Heads: 40 Supermans
Tails: 30 Second Superman Hold

Any of these games would be great for a mom or dad that wants to work out with their kids. Kids love games and would love to play along (and probably try to beat you!) It’s a great way for kids to get excited about fitness. Better yet, play it outside!


Any of these games you can customize for whatever exercise goals you have that day.

If you have any questions or want some ideas of exercises to do, leave a comment or contact me!


6 thoughts on “How to Make Fitness A Game…

  1. askriverbed says:

    If I have those trick die that always come up snake eyes, does it mean I only have to do two reps?! (smile) I am determined to make this work. So thank you, FFF, for these great ideas – positive and accessible! (I’m a master of reading about it instead of doing it)


    • bberns27 says:

      HAH! Ive never seen those. I guess that would be a great loophole. Thanks! Despite being an athlete and a coach, I am not a fan of going to the gym or going for a run. It’s just boring to me I try to find creative ways to mix it up.


  2. James L says:

    I absolutely love these ideas! Myself and my girlfriend are trying to get fitter for our wedding and think these would make a fun alternative game to the usual exercise dvds we do together!



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